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rescue recovery stretcher

Rescue Recovery stretcher

The Rescue Recovery Stretcher is an ultra portable, extremely flexible rescue system. Ideal for Search & Rescue teams.

  • useful in fast recovery from difficult terrain
  • inert to all conditions & body fluids
  • extensive strapping to secure the patient
  • rolls up for easy storage – fits in back pack
  • maximum load 200kg
  • weight of stretcher 8kg
  • Securely contained in a clear, watertight plastic box, this kit is specially designed to cope with most boating incidents.

$1350 BUY NOW

* prices incl.GST

scoop stretcher

Scoop Stretcher Aluminum

Designed to be gently maneuvered under patient without lifting, reducing the risk of further trauma. Length is adjustable and can be uncoupled at either end, or if required at both ends, and placed under patient using scissor motion. Folds down for compact storage.

  • Size: 167cm - 214cm x 42cm x 7cm
  • Weight 7.5kg
  • Max load 159kg

$490 BUY NOW

* prices incl.GST

evacuation rescue chair

Evacuation Rescue chair

  • Folded size 90 cm x 54 cm x 17 cm.
  • Unfolded size 70 cm x 52 cm x 91 cm.
  • Weighs 8 kg.
  • Maximum weight carrying capacity - 159 kg

Evacuation Rescue chair folded flat

rescue chair flat

Evacuation Rescue chair folded flat

$440 BUY NOW

* prices incl.GST

flat folding streetcher

Flat Folding Stretcher Aluminum

Compact, alloy-framed stretcher with wheels at one end to aid movement. Wheels and feet can be folded in and locked in place for storage. Comes complete with patient restraint straps.

  • Folded size: 93cm x 52cm x 23cm
  • Expanded size: 185cm x 52cm x 23cm
  • Weight: 5kg
  • Max Load: 159kgFolded size 90 cm x 54 cm x 17 cm.
folding stretcher

Stretcher folded

$265 BUY NOW

* prices incl.GST

double folded stretcher

Double Fold Stretcher in carry bag

Lightweight alloy-framed stretcher that folds to half its length and one third its width. Comes with sturdy carry bag.

  • Folded size 110 cm x 18 cm x 11 cm.
  • Unfolded size 221 cm x 53 cm x 15 cm.
  • Weighs 5 kg.
  • Maximum weight carrying capacity - 159 kg.

double folded stretcher

Double folded stretcher - folded position

$200 BUY NOW

* prices incl.GST

quad stretcher

Quad Folding Stretcher in a Sturdy Carry Bag

Super-compact stretcher that folds down to only a quarter of its full size. Comes with sturdy carry bag.

  • Folded size 56 cm x 22 cm x 20 cm.
  • Unfolded size 215 cm x 55 cm x 14 cm.
  • Weighs 10 kg.
  • Maximum weight carrying capacity - 159 kg
quad folded stretcher

Quad stretcher and bag

$380 BUY NOW

* prices incl.GST

Basket Stretchers

Basket stretchers provide a secure solution – with its higher sides and ends to keep the patient secure it is particulary helpful in steep terrain. It also has special attachment points for winch, belay or helicopter rescues.Two options available

basket stretcher

Basket Stretchers - PARA-37


  • Sturdy Attachment points for ropes and carabiners
  • Multiple handgrips around the edge of the stretcher
  • Four safety belts for securing the patient
  • Basket Stretcher 219 cm x 64 cm x 18 cm.
  • Weighs 16 kg.
  • Maximum weight carrying capacity - 159 kg.
basket stretcher in air

Basket stretcher being elevated

$1425 BUY NOW

* prices incl.GST

para stretcher 37A

Basket Stretcher PARA37A Break apart model


  • Break-Apart design is easy for storage and transport
  • Sturdy Attachment points for ropes and carabiners
  • Multiple handgrips around the edge of the stretcher
  • Four safety belts for securing the patient
  • Size locked together - 219 cm x 64 cm x 18 cm.
  • Size broken apart - 130 cm x 67 cm x 29 cm.
  • Weighs 16 kg. Maximum weight carrying capacity - 159 kg.

$1780 BUY NOW

PARA - 37 Footbed only

fits both PARA -37 and 37A models

  • Comes with webbing straps to connect footbed to stretcher
  • Adjustable positioning
para footbed 37A

Footbed in postion


* prices incl.GST

rescue strop

Rescue Strop - PARA94

The adjustable padded rescue strop wraps under the arms and around the legs, allowing for a faster and safer rescue

$420 BUY NOW

* prices incl.GST

lifting bridal

Stretcher Lifting Bridle - Adjustable Legs PARA91

Four-legged, adjustable lifting bridle designed to attach to stretchers and basket stretchers to help with safe extrication from difficult positions.

  • Each leg is adjustable
  • Can be broken down to 2 legs if necessary

$400 BUY NOW

* prices incl.GST

silver blanket

Silver Foil Thermal Emergency Blanket

Polyester Aluminum Foil Emergency blanket - designed to reflect up to 90% of the body back to the user. Ideal for emergency shelter against water and wind. Makes great groundsheets or placed over a cord it can make an emergency tent. Measures 130cm x 210cm.

$3.50 BUY NOW

* prices incl.GST

foil sleeping bag

Silver Foil Thermal Emergency Sleeping Bag

Emergency Sleeping bag, made from tear resistant aluminum foil. It assists the body in heat retention during emergency situations and offers emergency protection in all weather conditions. Waterproof and windproof. Will not crack, mildew or shrink. Reflects 90 percent of your body heat back to you.

$5.50 BUY NOW

* prices incl.GST

CPR bag

Disposable Bag Mask - Adult Large Mask in Plastic Bag

Bag mask valve unit for adult - disposable.


* prices incl.GST

light sticks

Emergency Glow light stick

Great for emergency lighting, will glow for eight to twelve hours. Sold in sealed foil packet. Sold in packs of 6 sticks.

$8.50 for 6 sticks BUY NOW

* prices incl.GST

yellow poncho

Disposable Yellow Plastic Emergency Poncho

A lightweight strong disposable poncho. One size fits most, these raincoats are waterproof and wind resistant. A great addition to any survival kit


* prices incl.GST


Seatbelt Cutter

Used to cut webbing seat belts in an emergency. Affix to sun shield or in a convenient compartment, pull through webbing by finger hole.Bag mask valve unit for adult - disposable.

$10.50 BUY NOW

ring cutter

Ring Cutter

Used to cut off rings from patients hands.


* prices incl.GST

reflective tape silver

Silver Reflective Sew on Tape 50mm

Available in Silver. Washable, water resistant, highly reflective fabric. 50mm wide. 500 cd/lux 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton Compliant with: ANSI, ISEA 107 2004

Per metre $4.50 BUY NOW

* prices incl.GST

reflective tape yellow

Flame Retardant Tape

Available in Silver and Striped Yellow/Silver. Fire resistant, washable and water resistant. 50mm wide. Silver: 500 cd/lux Yellow/Silver Striped: 380-410 cd/lux Compliant with: NFPA, EN469, EN14116, EN471, ANSI

Per metre $8.80 BUY NOW

* prices incl.GST

viz vests

Viz Vest Rescue and Paramedics

Our High Visibility Orange Day/Night vests feature retro-reflective 50mm silver tape, sturdy plastic front zip and breast pocket. Complies with AS/NZS 4602.1:2011 standards. Sizes available: Small to 6XL, 8XL.

Sizes available: Small to 6XL, 8XL. When ordering please include size requirements in the shopping cart comments column

Orange Hi-Viz no brand vest $25.50 BUY NOW
Orange Hi-Viz First Aid Medic vest $25.50 BUY NOW
Orange Hi-Viz Marshal vest $25.50 BUY NOW
Orange Hi-Viz Site ManagerMedic vest $25.50 BUY NOW
Orange Hi-Viz Warden vest $25.50 BUY NOW
Orange Hi-Viz visitor vest $25.50 BUY NOW

* prices incl.GST

Q climbing safety helmets

High Quality QTech Sheild Helmets designed for Climbing and Rescue as well as Industrial use

When it comes to safety, it’s important to pick the right gear for the job. Our Climbing and Rescue helmets feature a polystyrene liner designed to protect from multiple impacts, whereas our Industrial Safety helmets are built with a cradle liner designed to absorb shock. Due to the inherent differences between these two systems, it is impossible to manufacture a single helmet that meets both standards. Do not be misled by manufacturers who claim their helmets meet both standards.

Product Features:

  • Strong, light ABS plastic shell
  • Low-profile slots for clip-on hearing protection
  • Multiple clips hold head torch strap in place. (Torch not included)
  • Venting system allows a continuous flow of air across the head to keep the wearer cool and comfortable, while maintaining impact protection.
  • Three-way adjustable nylon chin strap with robust, off-set clip.
  • Headband ratchet wheel makes adjustment easy for a wide range of head sizes.

Available in yellow, orange or white

Yellow - $99 BUY NOW
Orange - $99 BUY NOW
White - $99 BUY NOW

* prices incl.GST

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