First aid kits from ProSafety NZ. Large selection of OSH compliant kits for the home, office, sport, vehicle, farm and more. Survival, Emergency & Disaster kits in stock. We have a large number of forestry first aid kits available for special forestry requirements. Our  comprehensive Outdoor Workers first aid kit contains over 90 quality items and is designed to be all you would need when your work takes you outside. Easy online ordering and quick delivery. 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied.
First aid kits for the home, office, sport and more from ProSafety NZ.

When an accident strikes at the workplace, home or outdoors, you may need to stop major bleeding, deal with a serious burn, treat an insect bite, give first aid to someone with a fractured limb, or deal with a foreign body in a wound or eye. But even if you have a first aid kit on hand, is there any guarantee it will contain all the items needed to deal with the emergency at hand or adequate instructions? Whether you are looking for a simple first aid kit to keep in your glove compartment or for a complete customized solution, you can be sure that ProSafety NZ will have something that will suit you. Each first aid kit has been carefully assembled to provide the necessary supplies for the application requirements.

Many injuries are not life threatening so having a first aid kit available for most emergency situations is always advisable. Always seek professional help whenever possible.
ProSafety NZ is a division of New Zealand Trade Merchants Limited specialising in supplying a range of high quality First Aid kits, emergency and fire protection equipment. ProSafety NZ also supplies a substantial range of first aid supplies, equipment and health care items at competitive prices through our first aid equipment dedicated site -
ProSafetyNZ was launched in early 2009 and has already established itself as a preferred supplier to a number of New Zealand companies. We pride ourselves in maintaining a high standard of quality and personal customer services while maintianing very good prices in respect of our first aid supplies and kits. 
All our first aid kits are couried to customers.
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Extra large sports first aid kit
sports first aid kit
A comprehensive first aid kit for senior and school sports teams, playing competitive grades. Will be able to treat a reasonable amount of injuries.
Delivery $7 anywhere within New Zealand. Free delivery on orders over $150.
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Free courier delivery anywhere in New Zealand
Deluxe home first aid kit
Popular buy!
includes a free icepack
Premium Disaster Grab kit
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Remember your priorities are to :

* assess the situation
* not to put yourself in danger
* make the area safe if needed
* assess all the casualties, attend to unconscious casualties first
* phone or send for help immediately.
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first aid kits for the home, office, car, farm, sport and more....

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Large industrial/warehouse kit
This extra large kit comes in a sturdy wall-mountable metal box. It is suitable for industrial workplaces with up to 50 people.
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Courier delivery $7 anywhere within New Zealand
Free courier delivery anywhere in New Zealand
Free courier delivery anywhere in New Zealand
ProSafety NZ a division of New Zealand Trade Merchants Limited
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