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New Zealand first aid supplies

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ProSafetyNZ is a division of New Zealand Trade Merchants Limited and specialises in supplying a range of high quality first aid kits, safety and rescue/paramedic equipment within New Zealand at competitive prices. Launched in 2006, ProSafetyNZ established itself as a preferred supplier to a number of substantial New Zealand companies. We pride ourselves in maintaining a high standard of quality and personal customer services while maintianing very good prices in respect of our first aid kits and safety equipment.

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Featured products & specials

office first aid kit 1-12 persons

Office first aid kit 1 - 12 people

Designed for up to 12 people, this kit is ideally suited to medium sized office environments such as medical centres, accountancy firms and real estate agencies. Soft pack or wall mountetable plastic box options

Soft Pack version


Wall mountable plastic Clip on/off box version

$110 BUY NOW

large contact sports kit

Large contact sports kit

A comprehensive first aid kit for senior and school sports teams, playing competitive grades. Will be able to treat a reasonable amount of injuries.

large industrial kit

Large industrial first aid kit

This extra large kit comes in a sturdy wall-mountable metal box. It is suitable for industrial workplaces and warehouses with up to 50 people

Wall mountable plastic Clip on/off box version

Was  $169   $159 BUY NOW

small catering kit

Small catering first aid kit

Small first aid kits - Catering industry wall mountable / soft pack options

Wall mountable plastic Clip on/off box version


Wall mountable plastic Clip on/off box version


large burn care kit

Industrial burn care kit Wall mount metal cabinet

A comprehensive burns kit for most industrial situations in metal wall mountable box

$209 BUY NOW

large outing kit

Extra large outing kit

Extra large outing kit -School outing -extra large first aid kit for up to 100 people.

Was $225

$195 BUY NOW

A well stocked first aid kit can save lives

A well-stocked first-aid kit can help you respond effectively to common injuries and emergencies. Keep at least one first-aid kit in your home and one in your car. Store your kits someplace easy to get to and out of the reach of young children. Make sure children old enough to understand the purpose of the kits know where they're stored.

Give your kit a checkup.Check your first-aid kits regularly and replace supplies that have expired or been used up. Consider taking a first-aid course. Prepare children for medical emergencies in age-appropriate ways.

You can buy first-aid kits or assemble your own. You may want to tailor your kit based on your activities and needs.

  • DeLuxe home first aid kit
  • meets most first aid emergencies around the home
  • surpasses the minimum guidelines for first aid supplies as required by the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)
  • Heavy duty, water resistant carry bag
  • Affordable and guaranteed by ProSafetyNZ
  • popular buy
de luxe home kit

Deluxe Home first aid kit

These kits contain a comprehensive variety of first aid products to cover stings, cuts, burns, broken bones, wound care and CPR application etc. No home should be without a quality first aid kit for your safety and for the care of those around you.


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